Creative design and advertising studio ARTINTERIUS specializes in design development and advertising solutions services.

Designing corporate logos and identity

The inspiration behind a logo is of immense importance to any brand, and most importantly - to the business philosophy

Development of the design concept of product catalogs

A unique product design will create an popular image in the minds of consumers

Web design and production

Your website is as much a CONVENIENCE as it is an informative medium of data dissemination

Subject photography, advertising photography

A full range of photographic services. You will distinctly differ from your competitors

About Us

Design studio ARTINTERIUS - an experienced team specializing in finding comprehensive solutions to unique tasks


- Plan advertising strategies for aggressive clients and multi-pronged tactical maneuvers for the major players

- Develop recognizable logos

- Design, implement and run multi-functional websites;

- Create product packaging

- Develop concepts, provide photo and graphic content of printed products (catalogs, posters, calendars, menus, etc)

- Create advertising photographs and illustrations.



more than fifteen years already...



From design to promotion.

The expressiveness of your product packaging will set you apart from the competition and catch customer interest, and the right choice of communication tools will lead to increased company sales volumes.



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